President’s Message

President’s Message

A message from the Cleveland SPE section (s003) 2017-2018 President:

Greetings to all our members and industry professionals. This month we have initiated further efforts within the leadership of the Cleveland Section on one main front – Local TopCons.  We now have two SPE TopCons coming to Cleveland in the near future.

The Injection Molding Division’s IMTECH has chosen Cleveland as it’s venue for this year, 2018. Additionally, the Color and Appearance Division RETEC event will be in Cleveland in 2019. Both events offer an opportunity to expose SPE divisions to our beautiful and vibrant city, and to allow our local section to build their rapport the various divisions.  Along with a positive reputation, we have a lot to offer the other divisions in SPE.

To bolster this effort, we have founded a new TopCon committee that will be dedicated to the ongoing process of organizing and planning the various TopCon activities regardless of other changes in the Board. This will include efforts toward the already dedicated events, and courting future events. Please keep an eye out for the upcoming events, and we hope to see many local members at them to learn a few things, meet some new people, and show the rest of SPE how active and supportive we are.

Ron Raleigh
President SPE – Cleveland Section