2017 – 2018 SPE Cleveland Education Awards:

The NEOSEF Science Fair was held on March 13th and award winners were announced with three local high school students chosen as having the best polymer-based projects.  Their names and projects were:

1st Place
Caroline Pier, St.Vincent St. Mary High
Poly (ester urea)s for in-vitro Applications

2nd Place
Isabella Davis, St. Vincent St. Mary High
The Effect of an Olefin Ionomer of Zinc-Neutralized Poly (ethylene-co-methacrylic acid) Shell and a Polycarbonate Core Filament on the Printability and Strength of a Complex Structure

3rd Place
Tanish Makadia, Lake Ridge Academy
Thermoplastic Composites Using Carbon Fiber

In addition, the recipient of the SPE Cleveland scholarship for 2017 – 2018 is Jeremy Stark of Purdue University, Indianapolis campus.

Abstracts and biographies from each recipient can be found in the May Newsletter.  Recipients will present a poster session at the Education Awards on May 21, which is open to all SPE members.